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JEE-O completes line with touchless design

The latest JEE-O launch proves that functionality and design can go hand in hand: the electronic wall basin tap. With this new touchless design, JEE-O responds to market demand, specifically from p...

Go for gold in your bathroom with JEE-O

JEE-O makes its most extensive bathroom collection, the slimline series, complete with a matte golden finish.The series is now available in four different finishes: brushed, structured black, bronz...

JEE-O presents the cone series by Osiris Hertman

JEE-O and designer Osiris Hertman are jointly launching a new collection: the cone series. The cone series is the perfect balance of playfulness and boldness. From a distance, the design seems elem...

JEE-O expands award-winning soho series with RAW

Following the resounding success of the robust and minimalistic soho series, JEE-O is introducing the soho RAW series: soho in its rawest form. RAW is the pure form of the soho series and consists ...

JEE-O and Edward van Vliet present the bloom series

Together with the well-known Dutch interior designer Edward van Vliet, JEE-O has designed a stylish bathroom collection: the bloom series. Like all designs of the top designer, the refined collecti...

JEE-O expands its widely praised flow series

JEE-O has expanded on its flow series, which was designed by Italian top designer Brian Sironi, with a stylish wall shower and tap. With these additions, the collection is complete. The comprehensi...

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