JEE-O expands its widely praised flow series

JEE-O has expanded on its flow series, which was designed by Italian top designer Brian Sironi, with a stylish wall shower and tap. With these additions, the collection is complete. The comprehensive flow series can be admired at the Itlas stand of this year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan.

It is not the first time that JEE-O are adding new bathroom elements to Sironi’s collection. Last year, the Amsterdam designer duo Grand & Johnson took up the challenge to design a bath and basins for the series.

The shape of water

The starting point for Sironi’s already iconic and widely praised design for the flow series is the shape that water takes on from the object in which it sits. Until the water flows from the faucet and is free to take on any shape, it is moulded by the shape of the pipes through which it runs. Pipes that are usually not visible as they are hidden behind walls and underneath floors.

Female tap

The faucets from the flow series make the pipes visible and let them continue into the bathroom. It was designer Sironi’s wish to design a female faucet; this meant that the spout had to go. The result is a faucet with a soft, flowing line and round shapes from which the water emerges in a surprising manner.

About JEE-O

KEE-O brings beautiful design and functionality together in bathroom concepts. But it doesn’t stop at bathrooms. The designs of JEE-O also fit perfectly in the rest of the house, such as the kitchen, the sauna, by the pool or on the beach. JEE-O is minimalistic and innovative with a cosmopolitan character. Bold and striking but with a refined touch: JEE-O creates concepts with space for body and mind, always in an atmosphere of functional luxury. Oher collections by JEE-O are the new bloom series, which was created by Dutch interior designer Edward van Vliet, and the soho series, a result of the collaboration between JEE-O and the Amsterdam designer duo Grand & Johnson.

About Brian Sironi

Italian designer Brian Sironi combines industrial design with an artisanal approach. In his projects, he focuses on pure shapes and researching typologies and archetypes. Sironi is one of the youngest designers ever to win the Compasso d’Oro ADI award. He won this prestigious award for his Elica lamp, which was produced by Martinelli Luce in 2011.

Note for the editor, not for publication

Lammert Moerman, creative mastermind behind JEE-O, will alternate between being at the Itlas stand and at the Masterly Hotel of interior designer Edward van Vliet at Masterly - The Dutch in Milano. We will be happy to schedule interviews during the exhibition in advance. Please contact Lisette Biesenbeek at or call +31647978973 to make an appointment. Lammert will also be available for interviews after the exhibition.

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About JEE-O

JEE-O Unique Bathrooms weds beautiful design to functionality in bathroom concepts. Extending beyond the bathroom, the designs by JEE-O also fit beautifully in the rest of the house, including the kitchen or sauna, by the swimming pool or on the beach. JEE-O has a minimalistic, innovative style with a cosmopolitan character. Bold and distinctive, yet refined: JEE-O creates concepts providing sufficient space for body and mind, always seeking an atmosphere of functional luxury.

2004 marks the birth of JEE-O, a creative concept by Lammert Moerman. The brand has grown immensely since that time; its selection of separate showers and baths, mixers and wash basins is currently available all across the globe. The JEE-O soho 01 shower won a Red Dot award and a German Design Award.