JEE-O presents the cone series by Osiris Hertman

JEE-O and designer Osiris Hertman are jointly launching a new collection: the cone series. The cone series is to be introduced very soon, at the ISH in Frankfurt in fact, the world’s most important sanitary fair.

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The cone series is the perfect balance of playfulness and boldness. From a distance, the design seems elementary, but a closer look reveals unusual details and an elegant finish, expressing the craftsmanship Osiris always seeks in his designs.

Osiris believes that, while we should be careful in our use of water, we can still enjoy it. Our bathrooms are gradually becoming places of relaxation, often with seats, music, plants, and if there is enough space, saunas, fireplaces and pretty views. They are now spaces to be enjoyed and to recharge so we can deal with a world that is much busier and more demanding than ever before. Good indoor spaces should have the same ambience as our natural surroundings and provide peace and quiet.

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Treasured designs

The conical shape, the basis for this series, can be found in the smallest details. The handles are modelled on safe doors - after all, water is a precious commodity. At the same time, the designs bring allure to your home, a notion that is held dear by JEE-O too.

To JEE-O, the design is paramount, the essence of our product. A thorough look reveals cones in all the components. Our cone series consists of freestanding showers, a freestanding bath mixer, wall and ceiling showers, wall and top mounted basin mixers, a bath and basins. The collection is made from stainless steel with a structured black finish while the baths and basins are made from DADOquartz.

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A platform for designers

JEE-O is a platform for designers. Our cone series is our fourth collection to be designed by a top designer. Our award-winning soho series by Grand & Johnson was introduced in 2015, followed two years later by Brian Sironi’s flow series while the bloom series by Edward van Vliet was launched in 2018.

About JEE-O

JEE-O brings beautiful design and functionality together in bathroom concepts. But it doesn’t stop at bathrooms. The JEE-O designs also fit perfectly into the rest of the home, such as the kitchen, the sauna, near the pool, or on the beach. JEE-O is minimalistic and innovative with a cosmopolitan character. Bold and striking, but with a refined touch: JEE-O creates concepts with space for body and mind, always in an atmosphere of functional luxury.

About Osiris Hertman

After attending Eindhoven’s Design Academy, Osiris Hertman went to work for Marcel Wanders as a designer. Having left to set up his own studio, he focuses on interior designs, accessories and the Buddha to Buddha brand of hand-made silver jewellery. His background in product design is revealed in his love for artisanal materials and products. With the Osiris Hertman Studio, he works on projects everywhere, from the Netherlands to Moscow and from Indonesia to Monaco.

Note for the editor, not for publication

Both Osiris Hertman and Lammert Moerman will be attending the ISH in Frankfurt. JEE-O’s exhibit will be in hall 3.0, booth E60. We would be happy to arrange interviews at the ISH, but need to schedule them in advance, so please get in touch with Hannah El Fassi at or ring +31 648 499 302. Both gentlemen will be available for interviews after the ISH fair too, of course.

Download the press kit for all the HR images of the JEE-O cone series. Read more about the creation of the cone series in the interview with the designers.

Download PDF

About JEE-O

Robuust en krachtig design en altijd onderscheidend in eenvoud: dat is wat de badkamer concepten van JEE-O typeren. Producten met rust en ruimte voor lichaam en geest, altijd in een sfeer van functionele luxe. JEE-O is verfrissend en ambitieus, exclusief en extravert, stoer en gedurfd. Om de mooiste producten te ontwerpen werkt JEE-O samen met designers van over de hele wereld. Het vertrekpunt van een nieuwe collectie is een vrijstaande douche waarbij design voorop staat. Hierna wordt de functionaliteit toegevoegd. Door deze werkwijze ontstaan unieke designs die samen een complete collectie vormen om een bijzonder badkamerconcept te creëren.

Het creatieve brein achter JEE-O is Lammert Moerman. Zijn droom is om levensgenieters wereldwijd kennis te laten maken met het ultieme JEE-O gevoel en hen de beleving van douchen en baden in eindeloze sferen te laten ontdekken. Sinds de oprichting van het bedrijf in 2004 is JEE-O uitgegroeid tot internationale speler en inmiddels zijn de producten wereldwijd te verkrijgen. In de collectievind je meerdere series en stijlen met douches, kranen, baden, waskommen, toiletten en accessoires. Douches en kranen zijn gemaakt van hoogwaardig rvs, de baden en waskommen van het mooie materiaal DADOquartz.

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