JEE-O World Baths in DADOquartz

While most JEE-O baths are wide at the edges, this new triumvirate from JEE-O is distinguished by a subtle, narrow edging. This ensures a very pure and minimalist effect. It has no effect on strength: the adapted DADOquartz is harder than stone and incredibly strong. But these baths do weigh less, making them much easier to install.

Durable design

DADOquartz is composite material produced exclusively for JEE-O in South Africa, made of resin and quartz, which retains bathwater temperature and feels silky soft to the touch. This material is also stain and scratch resistant, antibacterial and – very importantly – absolutely colourfast. White stays white forever. A very long lifespan is guaranteed! The factory guarantee is a full 25 years. In short: these are design baths to enjoy from tip to toe, year in, year out, for years to come.

Variation in form

The Amsterdam, Dubai and London models are each slightly different in form. The most oval and the largest in terms of measurements is the London. With a length of 176 cm and a width of 82 cm, the London can be a delightful bath for two, to enjoy the luxury of taking baths together. The Dubai is also a very royal bath, slightly shorter at 169 cm, but just as wide (82 cm). The Amsterdam is 171 cm long and 76 cm wide. All three baths have an integrated overflow system.

Stylish signature

The new freestanding baths by JEE-O are the undisputed eye-catchers of any bathroom. Sturdy, full of style, modern or more classical: the timeless design of these baths suits any bathroom style. Depending on the choice of bath tapware, clear accents can be added. Those who select the sturdy, black Soho accessories choose a robust, industrial bathroom look. Combined with the refined forms of the Pure tapware, the minimalist character of the baths is reinforced. The Stylish signature of the Amsterdam, Dubai or London can be extended throughout any bathroom, because JEE-O also offers matching washbasins.

Amsterdam, Dubai and London: cosmopolitan baths made in the Netherlands. Pure world-class for those who love living life in taste and style.

Suggested retail prices:

JEE-O Amsterdam bath, L 1710 x W 760 x H 540 mm € 3,218.60

JEE-O Dubai bath, L 1690 x W 820 x H 520 mm € 3,218.60

JEE-O London bath, L 1760 x W 820 x H 540 mm € 3,218.60 

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About JEE-O

JEE-O Unique Bathrooms weds beautiful design to functionality in bathroom concepts. Extending beyond the bathroom, the designs by JEE-O also fit beautifully in the rest of the house, including the kitchen or sauna, by the swimming pool or on the beach. JEE-O has a minimalistic, innovative style with a cosmopolitan character. Bold and distinctive, yet refined: JEE-O creates concepts providing sufficient space for body and mind, always seeking an atmosphere of functional luxury.

2004 marks the birth of JEE-O, a creative concept by Lammert Moerman. The brand has grown immensely since that time; its selection of separate showers and baths, mixers and wash basins is currently available all across the globe. The JEE-O soho 01 shower won a Red Dot award and a German Design Award.