Dutch DNA with cosmopolitan character

Lammert Moerman is the creative brain behind JEE-O. After 26 years in the sanitary branche, he is still loves his job. ‘It’s my drive to let the whole world know about the DNA of JEE-O.’ With good designed, no-nonsense products for the bathroom. Products to enjoy year after year, each day again.

Dutch Design

A minimalistic shape, with a maximal comfort. The typical no-nonsense Dutch Design is where JEE-O stands for. All baths, (outdoor)showers, basins and faucets have a minimalistic design and are brought back to their essential. The first design of Lammert Moerman is an icon for the look and feel of JEE-O, and both modern and timeless. ‘About 11 years ago I was inspired by the freestanding, J-shape outdoor shower from the thirties, which was popular with public outdoor swimming pools. Functional luxury within a powerful design. I designed the O-shape handle within that design. Flow of water, hot or cold; due to this ring everything can be regulated with just one hand. A J and an O: JEE-O.’

Freestanding items

The first design of Lammert, the outdoor shower JEE-O original, is still part of the collection. In fact: meanwhile the original collection is extended with a freestanding bath mixer and several basin mixers for top – and wall mounted. ‘For JEE-O the design of a complete indoor bathroom concept is relatively new’, Lammert is telling. ‘We are designing these complete concepts only the last four, five years. Till then we mainly focussed on outdoor products. However I am seeing an increasing interest in freestanding items in bathrooms. Showers, but also freestanding baths with bath mixers, or freestanding basins with high risers or wall basins. Solitaire bathroom products which fit in every design plan: that’s where we good at. Our designs are deliberately sober, but they are far from boring. The shapes are powerful and pure without any decoration. That’s why consumers and also interior designers can visualize our models in their own bathroom atmosphere.

Design & Durability

Branding is very important according to Lammert Moerman. Therefore he has a clear vision about how to position JEE-O within the market. ‘The designs have to speak for themselves’. That’s the reason why all JEE-O expressions are in black and white; from the catalogues to the Facebook page. Almost every photoshoot delivers freestanding images. Neat and natural, so the design of our products is getting all the attention. For Lammert durability is a second important element. Besides the timeless, and therefore durable design, the use of materials also counts for Lammert. ‘All our basins and baths are made of so called Solid Surface materials; massive, stony materials which are well-maintained, feeling nice and aren’t sensible for the influence of water.  Therefore there is a warranty period of 25 years after the date of purchase for the JEE-O bath range. Of course such a bath is still an investment, but it’s a bath for life. It will be an everlasting added value to your house, but you can also take your bath in case of moving house. Maybe the investment is worthwhile in that sense that in future, when JEE-O has become a world brand, the bath has more value.’

Worldwide success

Meanwhile the whole team is working like a devil to reach that goal. Lammert Moerman is travelling a lot. ‘It is still exciting to pass the enthusiasm to; distributors, dealers, retailers and end-consumers. We want to spread the JEE-O DNA all over the world.’And with success. Altogether the brand JEE-O has expanded to thirty countries worldwide. Besides the Netherlands, especially Germany and Belgium, but also Austria and Switzerland and since a few years United States, Israel and New Zealand, United Kingdom, several East-European countries and Turkey are added to the list. ‘I am very delighted that the cosmopolitan character of JEE-O apparently suits worldwide. For bathrooms at home, but also in prestigious wellness – and hotel projects. We have already delivered a considerable number of fantastic projects.


‘When I look back on the last 25 years, there have been many milestones’, Lammert is telling. ‘My first designs: the JEE-O original shower for outdoors and the JEE-O pure basin wall for indoors. Our introduction on the American market three years ago and the fast internationalisation. Several international awards, like the prestigious Red Dot Award for the JEE-O soho freestanding shower, which can be placed indoor and outdoor as well. Apart from that the soho collection has been an alliance with the design studio Grand & Johnson. In that respect, JEE-O wants to be a platform for designers; a connection to turn technical ideas and sketches into real products.

And yet another milestone: last year I became Entrepreneur of the Year of the community of Beuningen. For me this is an important appreciation, because the selected criteria were items like distinctiveness, continuity, charisma, service orientation, durability, civic participation, human orientation and innovative ability. These are all points of interests which I pursue within my management. And personally for me the J bike is also a climax. I started off in the seventies pioneering in the world of BMX and later on in the world of mountain bike. I rode a lot of races, and also the passion for cycling is in my DNA.’Lammert Moerman is very proud of all the things he has accomplished being a Dutch brand. ‘We keep on building to become an international and respected A-brand. Moreover we want to be within the reach of a big group of people and also in future. Distinctive in design, high-quality and durable, but without the fuss. And I hope I will be relaxing under that palm tree in a number of years. But of course including a JEE-O outdoor shower!

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About JEE-O

JEE-O Unique Bathrooms weds beautiful design to functionality in bathroom concepts. Extending beyond the bathroom, the designs by JEE-O also fit beautifully in the rest of the house, including the kitchen or sauna, by the swimming pool or on the beach. JEE-O has a minimalistic, innovative style with a cosmopolitan character. Bold and distinctive, yet refined: JEE-O creates concepts providing sufficient space for body and mind, always seeking an atmosphere of functional luxury.

2004 marks the birth of JEE-O, a creative concept by Lammert Moerman. The brand has grown immensely since that time; its selection of separate showers and baths, mixers and wash basins is currently available all across the globe. The JEE-O soho 01 shower won a Red Dot award and a German Design Award.